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Should I Get My Car Washed Before a Road Trip?

May 17, 2023

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As we approach the pleasantries of summer, families throughout Columbia MD are gearing up for road trips. But before you hit the road, make sure to have a pre-road trip vehicle inspection. During the inspection, Columbia Auto Care & Car Wash will examine important systems to ensure they’re up to the task. While the mechanical functionality of your vehicle has unrivaled importance, don’t forget about the exterior. And having a car wash is key before you hit the road.

Protect Your Vehicle’s Paint with a Pre-Trip Car Wash

One of the top reasons you should wash your vehicle before going on a road trip is to protect your paint. According to the automotive industry and the Environmental Protection Agency, environmental fallout—like air pollution, bird droppings, and decaying bugs—can eat through your paint. It’s often caused when rainwater evaporates from your vehicle’s surface, leaving behind deposits and pollution, including burnt fossil fuels. If left untreated, these pollutants and acidic residue can corrode your paintwork.

When you’re on a road trip, you are away from home, which reduces the chances of washing your vehicle. Because of this, it’s best to wash your vehicle before your road trip. And Columbia Auto Care & Car Wash makes the process easy and cost-efficient with our Monthly Car Wash Club. We utilize the latest and most effective waxes and protective coatings to continue protecting your vehicle after the wash is complete.

Protect Your Vehicle’s Mechanical Performance

One often overlooked benefit of having a pre-trip car wash is the protection it offers for the mechanical performance of your vehicle, particularly the undercarriage. As you drive, the undercarriage will naturally accumulate dirt and grime. This accumulated road grime can act as an insulator, impeding the cooling of specific parts and reducing their lifespan. Since there are numerous nooks and crannies underneath a car, some of the affected areas may be difficult to spot and reach.

But a pre-trip car wash at Columbia Auto Care & Car Wash can help. Our state-of-the-art equipment will reach and flush out all accumulated dirt from underneath your vehicle, allowing it to deliver optimum performance.

Prevent Corrosion and Rust

Periodic car undercarriage washes provide an obvious benefit of reducing harmful oxidation, corrosion, and rust underneath your car, which is almost entirely made of metal. Oxidation occurs when iron and oxygen mix with water and is accelerated by other elements. When you neglect to clean your undercarriage before a road trip, you invite oxidation. Instead, it’s best to eliminate all accumulated salts and dirt from your car’s underside with a pre-trip car wash.

Increase Safety with a Pre-Trip Car Wash

As you drive, your windshield will naturally accumulate dirt, debris, bug splatter, and other things that impede your ability to see. Simply put, driving around with a dirty windshield can be dangerous. The hazard escalates when you drive on unfamiliar roads. Instead, it’s best to have a professional car wash before you the road. Doing so will remove dirt, bugs, and other visual hindrances.

Enjoy a More Pleasant Driving Experience

No one enjoys riding around in filth. But when you’re making quick trips to and from work or dropping off the kids, it’s much easier to overlook dirty carpets and grime that naturally accumulates on the interior. However, this situation can be almost unbearable if you spend several hours traveling to different states or across the country. Instead of traveling in filth, you can quickly and efficiently clean the outside and interior of your vehicle at Columbia Auto Care & Car Wash. As a member of the Columbia Auto Care & Car Wash Club, you will receive a free vacuum with every car wash. We leverage high-powered vacuums to quickly and efficiently remove dirt, debris, and other interior pollutants with efficiency and ease.

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Before you hit the road, bring your vehicle to Columbia Auto Care & Car Wash for a fast and effective car wash. With a car wash membership at Columbia Auto Care and Car Wash, you can protect your vehicle, save money, and keep your car looking its best for a more enjoyable road trip.

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