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Full Service Oil Change

$25 OFF

Regular price $94.97 / $69.97 with coupon

Unkempt and dirty motor oil can ruin your vehicle. It can destroy key engine components and parts, leading to exponentially more expensive engine repair. 

Even worse, failure to properly change your oil could cause you to have an engine replacement. However, you can avoid both of these outcomes by simply having regular oil changes on your vehicle.

At Columbia Auto Care & Car Wash, our mechanic makes it as easy as possible for you to get the auto repair and maintenance services you need without breaking the bank. As the best dealership alternative in the Columbia, MD area, we offer a full range of solutions for virtually every make and model.

Why Do I Need to Have an Oil Change?

ASE certified mechanic at Columbia Auto Care in Columbia MD working underneath car getting oil change in columbia md shop with oil drain catching tool and large yellow tool box in background

Just as humans rely on blood to stay alive, your vehicle depends on oil. And the motor oil in your car is tasked with several significant roles and responsibilities.

Here are three critical ways in which oil protects your vehicle:

  1. Motor oil provides lubrication to keep engine parts working smoothly.
  2. Motor oil helps protect the engine from rust and corrosion.
  3. Motor oil helps protect your transmission and other vital components.
  4. Motor oil cleans impurities and other mineral deposits out of the engine.
  5. Motor oil helps keep your engine and other important components cool.
  6. And much more

Motor oil is infused with various additives and nutrients to perform these critical roles. Over time, as the oil is used, these nutrients and additives are stripped away. When this happens, your motor oil loses the ability to protect your engine. Because of this, it’s imperative to have a regular oil change service.

Get Domestic & Foreign Oil Changes in Columbia, MD

Columbia Auto Care & Car Wash is one of the leading oil change providers in Columbia, MD. Customers throughout Columbia, MD, prefer us because our oil service is fast, efficient, and affordable. As the best auto repair facility in the Columbia, MD area, we offer affordable oil change services for all makes and models of vehicles. Domestic or foreign—your car is safe with our professional mechanics.

While every service may be slightly different, the oil change generally involves:

  • Draining the old oil from the vehicle.
  • Replacing the old oil filter with a new filter.
  • Refilling the engine with new oil specified by the manufacturer.

We will also explain any alternative types of motor oil you should consider when changing oils and the benefits, such as high-mileage motor oil.

Is an Oil Change Really Important?

Absolutely yes! Changing your oil is one of the most basic and essential maintenance services your vehicle needs. Unfortunately, some drivers underestimate the importance of motor oil. They drive around with dirty oil or oil levels that are dangerously low.

It’s not until something goes wrong that they pay attention to oil. And just like that, the car now needs an expensive engine replacement or engine repair. You can avoid this expense and the hassle by getting your oil changed at Columbia Auto Care & Car Wash. While preventing engine failure or expensive repairs is the top benefit of an oil change, you will also enjoy:

  • Improved engine efficiency
  • Better gas mileage
  • Extended engine life
  • More eco-friendly engine performance

Schedule an Oil Change in Columbia, MD

Your vehicle is one of the most expensive items you’ll ever purchase. And one of the best and most important ways to protect your investment is to regularly change your oil at Columbia Auto Care & Car Wash.

Or call us at (410) 740-9890

Full Service Oil Change

$25 OFF

Regular price $94.97 / $69.97 with coupon

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