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Conventional or Synthetic Oil Change: Which is Better?

January 27, 2023

Changing oil engine and pouring oil into car engine closeup.

Whether you drive a Lexus GX460 or Chevrolet Silverado 1500, oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle. As the most important fluid, oil must perform several functions. First and foremost, motor oil minimizes friction and reduces wear and tear. It’s also tasked with cleaning, cooling engine parts, dampening shock, forming seals, and much more.

With so many key roles and responsibilities, motor oil is infused with detergents and additives. Over time, these additives are used up, and motor oil can turn into a type of thick, useless sludge. This is why it’s vital to have regular oil changes in Columbia MD.

But should you have an oil change with conventional or synthetic oil in Columbia MD? Let’s take a closer look at whether you should have a synthetic oil change or a conventional oil change in Columbia MD.

What Is Conventional Oil Change in Columbia MD?

As the age-old standard, conventional oil is the preferred solution for older vehicles. Conventional motor oil is derived from refined crude oil. The biggest benefit of conventional oil is its lower cost. One key difference between the two types of oil is that conventional oils flow slower than synthetic oils, which may offer more protection to older engines.

However, it’s important to understand that conventional oils are more susceptible to chemical degradation and wear in areas with colder climates. Conventional oils are thicker and can reduce circulation, which can lead to clogs in small areas.

What Is Synthetic Oil Change Columbia MD?

Unlike conventional oils, synthetic oils are not naturally occurring compounds. Synthetic oils combine artificial chemicals with crude oil to develop a product that behaves like conventional oils. Synthetic oils are typically the go-to solution for newer and lower-mileage vehicles. There are two broad categories of synthetic oils:

  • Full synthetic oil leverages a synthetic oil base and adds chemicals to help your engine perform at peak levels.
  • Synthetic oil blend, which is a combination of synthetic oil and conventional oil. This type of oil works like conventional oil but may offer better engine protection.

Should I Use Synthetic Oil for Oil Changes or Conventional Oil for Oil Changes in Columbia MD?

In general, synthetic oil is better for your engine. While conventional oil offers adequate lubrication, it pales in comparison to the lubrication and protection offered by synthetic oil. Much of this is due to technological advancements in modern chemistry. Synthetic oils utilize higher-quality base oils compared to the less-refined base oils utilized in conventional oils. Because of this, conventional oils typically may:

  • Acidify and oxidize more easily
  • Not be as chemically stable
  • Break down quicker and lose their protective qualities

Should I Use Full Synthetic for Oil Changes or Synthetic Blend for Oil Changes in Columbia MD?

For the most part, full synthetic oils are better for your engine’s performance and longevity than synthetic blend oils. Full synthetic oils are uniquely formulated with special additives that deliver extra benefits not available in synthetic blends or conventional oils. Full synthetic oils boast a range of benefits, such as:

  • Helps control and reduce oil breakdown
  • Reduce wear and tear
  • Fights deposit build-up
  • Combats sludge
  • Protects your engine from higher temperatures

Contact Columbia Auto Care & Car Wash for the Best Oil Changes in Columbia MD.

At Columbia Auto Care & Car Wash, we are the leading auto repair and maintenance center in the Columbia MD area. In addition to offering a vast range of auto repair and maintenance services, we take an infinite amount of pride in educating our customers. And when it comes to choosing between synthetic oil and conventional oil for oil changes, we will typically suggest synthetic.

In either case, the experts at Columbia Auto Care & Car Wash can tailor your oil change based on your unique needs, driving habits, and the age of your vehicle. While other Quick Lubes may take a one-size-fits-all approach, we will tailor your oil change to best extend the life of your vehicle and maximize your return.

Contact Columbia Auto Care & Car Wash in Columbia MD today!

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