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5 Warning Signs Your Car Badly Needs a Mechanic

May 17, 2023

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While you may talk to your vehicle and off it encouraging words — “you can do it…” — it most likely doesn’t talk back to you. It can, however, communicate with you. And when your vehicle suggests it needs to see a mechanic at Columbia Auto Care & Car Wash, you should listen! Let’s look at some of the top warning signs your vehicle needs auto repair.

Problems Getting Started

Everyone likes to start their day on a high note. Some days, it may take you a little longer to get up and running. However, your car shouldn’t suffer from slow or sluggish starts. Instead, your vehicle should start without any stalling or hesitation. If your car or truck doesn’t start when you turn the key, it means there is a problem. While it could be a weak battery, it could be several other auto repair issues. In either case, the experts at Columbia Auto Care & Car Wash in Columbia MD can help.

Problems Staying Moving 

Just as your vehicle should start with ease, it should continue moving with precision. But if you’re at a red light and notice your vehicle stalls, you have an underlying problem. At the same time, if you press the accelerator and your vehicle sputters out, you should be concerned. These types of issues can point to the potential for significant auto repair. While it may be a problem with your engine, it could also be a problem with your transmission. No matter the case, you should have a full inspection and diagnostics performed on your vehicle to determine the underlying problem. Promptly doing so can prevent a small problem from snowballing into a more expensive auto repair.

Check Engine Light Often Means You Need Auto Repair

If you notice an illuminated Check Engine Light, you shouldn’t ignore it. This Check Engine Light is your vehicle’s surefire way of letting you know something is awry. But before you visit a mechanic at Columbia Auto Care & Car Wash, the first step is to check your gas cap. To the delight of most drivers, a loose, damaged, or missing gas cap can trigger the Check Engine Light. However, if your gas cap is intact, you should contact the experts at Columbia Auto Care & Car Wash for comprehensive vehicle diagnostics and Check Engine Light repair. We can quickly determine the underlying cause and off you the most cost-effective auto repair service.

Smoking Problem from the Hood

Remember how we just said your Check Engine light is one of the most obvious signs of auto repair? If you see smoke coming from your hood, it’s also crystal clear you need auto repair. In some instances, you may detect a burning smell before the smoke. Both are signs that something is awry with your electronics or engine. Smoke can indicate you have either a parched radiator or an overheated radiator — both serious issues. On the other hand, smoke can be caused by extra oil burning, which typically isn’t a big deal. However, anytime you see smoke coming from your hood, you should have your vehicle inspected to prevent further damage.

Do You Hear Weird Sounds?

As the driver of your vehicle, you know how it should sound when it’s operating properly. And anytime you hear weird or strange noises, it sounds like trouble. These noises can be generated by a plethora of faulty parts and components. For example, if your vehicle has low transmission fluid, you may hear a grinding noise when shifting. If your brake pads are worn, you may hear a grinding noise from your wheels. In either case, strange noises from any part of your vehicle should alert you of a problem.

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