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Is it OK to Never Wash Your Car? (Here are 3 Reasons You Should Consider)

August 11, 2022

3 Reasons It’s Not OK to Never Wash Your Car? | Columbia Auto Care & Car Wash in Columbia, MD. Closeup image of a silver car door with dirt and rust.

Like most people, you probably think of going to the car wash as something you do when you want your car to look good. But looking good is hardly a necessity, right? 

At Columbia Auto Care & Car Wash in Columbia, MD, we’ve heard plenty of car owners say things to that effect over the years. People sometimes convince themselves they can skip regular car washes. But is it okay to never wash your car?

We could be a little biased, but the answer to that question is an emphatic no! But you don’t just have to take our word for it. 

Here are three reasons it’s not ok to never wash your car.

1. Dirt and Grime Can Slowly Destroy Your Clear Coat.

Modern cars feature paint jobs that stand the test of time. But what you might not know is how they do it. The answer comes down to the final layer of paint on your car: a clear coat

As the name implies, it’s a clear layer of paint added to protect your car’s colored finish from the elements. But road grime and dirt can slowly eat away at a car’s clear coat, robbing it of that protection over time. 

Regularly washing your car can stop that process in its tracks and help your car’s clear coat last longer. Car washes will also continue protecting the underlying paint layers.

2. Regular Washing Fights Rust.

If you’re old enough to remember cars built before the 1990s, then you probably remember that cars used to rust—a lot. Then rust seemed to vanish as an issue in newer vehicles. The reason is that manufacturers started using galvanized steel, zinc coatings, and rust inhibitors on exposed parts of their cars. 

But all that protection isn’t perfect. Road salts and other chemicals can still lead to rust. That’s especially true if you don’t wash it from time to time.

3. Regular Car Washes Help Resale Value

Last, neglecting washing can harm your car’s resale value. The reason is simple. A dirty or dingy-looking vehicle reflects how well its owner cares for it. When you sell your car, you’ll want it to look as close to new as possible.

But—and there’s always a but— you must wash your car right to maximize the benefit. Or you can just leave it to the car wash experts at Columbia Auto Care & Car Wash.

Contact Columbia Auto Care & Car Wash for Your Car Wash Needs in Columbia, MD 

At the end of the day, there are plenty of reasons it’s not OK never to wash your car. And there aren’t many reasons to avoid doing it. 

If you take advantage of our monthly membership service, you can come in for a wash as many times a month as you like for a single low price. We make protecting your car’s insides and out an easy task!

Call us today at (443) 656-9274 or stop by our location at 10611 Little Patuxent Parkway, Columbia, MD 21044.


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